Youth has no limits, Grantti is setting forth


The bells of 2016 have been ringing.Although the cold is piercing the bone marrow, the sunshine is still bright,and the cold and warmth are intertwined. In this spring season, Tianjin GranttiInternational Trade Co., Ltd. Annual meeting of the theme of " Youth hasno limits, Grantti is setting forth” was successfully held.


At this annual meeting, the chairmanbrought us the blessings of the Spring Festival and future expectations. Thegeneral manager also delivered an important speech. He reviewed theachievements and shortcomings of the company in the past year, and proposed newgoals for 2016 and got positive response from everybody here.


This year, our cultural performances arerich and varied. Our dance may not be the most touching, but our sweat is themost authentic; our singing may not be the most beautiful, but our feelings arethe most sincere; our words may not be the most funny, but our heart is themost devout.



Six years from 2009 to 2015, we have gonethrough hardships and difficulties;

In six years, we have harvested with growthand fruits;

2016, let us carry our hands, stand shoulderby shoulder, ride the wind and waves, and create new achievements!

Grantti, fighting!